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MSSF offers an online course designed for students interested in developing their own research or engineering project. The course is free to Maine teachers and students.

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This summer, thanks to a grant from Regeneron and Zeiss, MSSF is pleased to have Michael Blueglass run his Advancing Science Research Teaching course to 20 Maine high school teachers. Michael was a high school science teacher for 35 years. He started out teaching biology, chemistry, and environmental science. In 2001, he started a STEM research club which grew into a year-round research course. Michael is now the President of the Regeneron-Westchester Science & Engineering Fair.

AUGUST 14-17, 2023

University of Maine, Orono
Ferland Engineering Education and Design Center

  • Free course
  • Lunch provided

The course will be customized based on the needs of its participants.

Potential topics include:

  • Building a Science Research Program/Elective/Club
  • Science research teaching strategies for high schoolers of all levels of experience
  • Helping students connect with mentors (so you don’t need to be the mentor for everyone!)
  • Community outreach
  • Behavioral (Survey) Projects
  • Statistical analysis and graphing resources
  • Presentations
  • Paper writing
  • Building and growing a science fair
  • Understanding the many STEM competitions out there


Developing a Research Question

Tips for moving students from a simple topic to a doable research question

IRB & SRC Review

Projects Needing Prior Approval

Design & Methodology

Special guest Aaron from DataClassroom

Guiding Students When You Don't Understand Their Project

Survey Design

Pro tips on conducting human subjects research


Aaron Reedy shows how the platform guides data analysis

Judges Panel

Hear from three judges about what they look for in a project

Student Presenter

Abigail Gardner shares her science fair experience

Logistics & Planning

Get an overview of MSSF Updated for 2022-23

Office Hours

Weekly starting February 1


Tuesday, October 24, 2023 | University of Maine at Augusta

Watch the Keynote Presentation!

Failing Your Way to Success: Building Your Toolbox for Life Through Science Fairs

Paige Brocidiacono, Spark Climate Solutions

Paige Brocidiacono is a climate field builder and entrepreneur who got her start in science fairs. In 2016, she won first place in Global Good at the Intel (now Regeneron) Science Talent Search with her research developing solutions to nutrient pollution causing harmful algal blooms in her community of Bangor, Maine. She studied materials science at Stanford and started a weather company using low-cost, controllable weather balloons to improve forecast accuracy by unlocking new data sources. She now works as a climate field builder accelerating the emerging methane removal field with Spark Climate Solutions, a nonprofit. She continues to be involved in the science fair community, serving as a judge and mentor for several high school students.



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