The Maine State Science Fair now offers an online course designed for teachers or students interested in developing their own research or engineering project.

The course is free.

Each student should register on the course site to access the lessons, but teachers can also email Stefany Burrell to add their students to the site as a group. Please allow for 24 hours to have MSSF staff add students.


  • Module 1 – Choosing a Topic
  • Module 2 – Conducting Background Research
  • Module 3 – Project Design & Methodology
  • Module 4 – Data Analysis
  • Module 5 – Writing Effective Abstracts
  • Module 6 – Presenting at MSSF



Aaron Reedy shows how the platform guides data analysis

Judges Panel

Hear from three judges about what they look for in a project

Student Presenter

Abigail Gardner shares her science fair experience

Logistics & Planning

Get an overview of MSSF

IRB & SRC Review

Projects Needing Prior Approval

Design & Methodology

Special guest Aaron from DataClassroom

Scienteer Demo

Our project management system

Survey Design

Pro tips on conducting human subjects research

Office Hours

Time TBA
Starting January 19


This session provides a taste of what it means to take part in MSSF. We review the important deadlines and how they impact the phases of a student’s project.

This session covers the types of projects needing review and approval for MSSF: human subjects; vertebrate animals; potentially hazardous activities, materials, & devices; and potentially hazardous biological agents.

This session stresses the importance of starting with the data: what data does a student need to collect to answer the essential question(s) of their project? Aaron Reedy from DataClassroom is our guest presenter.

This session goes over what teachers need to know to help their students enter their work into our science fair project management system.

Learn how to create an effective survey for a human subjects project. Students and teachers are welcome.

Teachers and students can join us on Zoom any Wednesday afternoon, starting January 19. Bring your science fair questions or problems and MSSF staff will help.


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