Get More Mileage Out of Your Project!

Did you love telling people about your project? Do you want to meet more teens who are passionate about STEM? Maine State Science Fair doesn’t need to be the end of the road for your project! Check out the other opportunities you have to share your work locally, nationally, and maybe even globally.

BioME Student Showcase

This life science research competition gives students an opportunity to show off their passion for life science and present their research for a chance to win cash and academic prizes.

Junior Science & Humanities Symposium

Students report on the results of their STEM research investigations and compete for scholarships.

Logo for National STEM Challenge

National STEM Challenge

Students craft a STEM project that seeks to address a real-world problem in one of 6 categories: Environment, Food, Health & Medicine, Energy, Space, and Technology.

Maine App Challenge Logo

Maine App Challenge

Students show off their skills and creativity by building an Android or iOS mobile app for a chance to win prizes and scholarships.

Regeneron Science Talent Search

The Nation’s oldest and most prestigious STEM competition, STS invites high school seniors to submit their original research.

US Stockholm Jr. Water Prize

The SJWP is the world’s most prestigious award presented to a high school student for a water-research project. 

GENIUS Olympiad

An international competition about environmental issues with two STEM categories: science and robotics.

Coolest Projects

Coolest Projects is the world’s leading technology showcase for young people. It’s a unique opportunity to get creative, have fun, and celebrate ingenuity. Projects are showcased in the gallery for people all over the world to see!

Davidson Fellow Scholarship

Scholarships given to students with projects of significant impact in STEM.

Genes in Space Challenge

Students propose an experiment that utilizes at least one tool in the Genes in Space toolkit and test their hypothesis in the ultimate lab: The International Space Station.

ArcGIS Online Competition

Esri challenges students to conduct and share a research project about something in their home state using an ArcGIS StoryMap.

MIT Think Scholars Program

This program provides mentors and funding to help students in the early stages of their project. 

Penn Climate Ventures logo

UPenn Ecoventure Challenge

Students propose a solution to a climate-related problem in one of four competition areas: Waste & Circularity, Energy & Transportation, Food & Agriculture, or Wild Card.